Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting ready for the holidays....Swedish style

In view of the upcoming holidays, I have finally decided to do something somewhat festive. Whenever the holiday season rolls around I revert into Swedish mode. I'm not sure if it's a genetic trait that all Swedes share regardless of their degree of Swedish-ness (in my case, my grandfather was Swedish), but I want to have everything red and white and woody at that time of year.

In celebration of that, I have created 3 adorable little paintings of Swedish inspiration. Santa Lucia is my favourite as I've always found images of her so sweet and peaceful. I love to picture my girls dressed up as Santa Lucia and tiptoe-ing around in their nightgowns.

Of course, with my daughters, giving them lit candles to wear on their heads isn't the best idea and tiptoe isn't actually in their vocabulary. I'll stick to watercolours instead.


Goldtone Designs said...

Your blog looks great! :)

The Devil's Dance Floor said...

The blog looks really nice- and I love the Santa Lucia! I can't imagine trying to get my little one to tiptoe around with candles on her head either- we'd need a lot more insurance first!

BellWookie said...

I can't imagine either of those wee imps tip-toeing anywhere or maybe I am projecting my puts all his weight behind his feet nephew & my walks heel first down the hallway son onto your children. Lovely painting.

Georganne said...

looks lovely! Great start!!

Mavis said...

The blog looks GREAT! Glad you got it up and running. I love the Santa lovely! If only I could get my girls to look so still and peaceful!