Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tagged - Oh Dear

Well, I've now been tagged twice. Of course, being me, I have no idea what this means so I've had to go hunting on others' blogs to figure out just what this all means and whether or not I should be happy about the whole thing.

As it turns out, being tagged means I have to choose 6 or 7 (depending on who has tagged me) random facts about myself. Share them with the entire world apparently, though I sincerely doubt the entire world is subscribed to my blog. But maybe.....

So here goes. 6 (or 7) random facts about me

1) My driver's license claims I am 5ft3 although I am only 5ft2. I had high hopes at 16 years old of growing at least another inch.

2) I constantly move my feet when lying down. I can't help it. I don't even realize I do it. But I do.

3) I speak to myself in various languages, but fortunately none of which is made up!

4) I was asked to leave an outdoor piano bar when I was 10 for playing Scott Joplin's The Entertainer on the piano. The customers boo'd the staff who asked me to leave, but I was mortified anyway.

5) The song I most can't resist dancing to is Waterloo.

6) Mums who think that good parenting means following the rules 100% bother me. I try to avoid them.

7) I teaching myself to speak Dutch. Just because.

And now I guess I get to tag 6 more people.... please excuse me for this and feel free to ignore me!



The Devil's Dance Floor said...

I don't know if re-tagging is allowed or not- but TAG anyway!

I tried to teach myself to speak Dutch once, for work. Not because it was a requirement, but because one of my co-workers would always speak Dutch when she was frustrated. For that reason I also tried to teach myself Italian and Filipino.

BellWookie said...

#6-I hear you on that! :)