Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BoulieBags - The new and growing collection

I have finally gotten my head out of painting. I think I've been painting non-stop (well, pretty much so at least) since September. I can't complain because I'm one of those lucky people who truly enjoys her work. Not many people can say that, I fear.

And yet it does still come with a certain amount of stress, although I'm not entirely convinced that my stress is taken very seriously. When I talk with other mums at school who are juggling office jobs with daycare and sick children and the likes and I tell them I'm harried because I have 2 pirates, 3 cupcakes and a collection of hippos to paint, I'm not entirely certain they understand my stress. So be it. Pirates can be stressful too!

But for the moment, at least, I have finished all my paintings on order. I still have a handful to post out and that will be completed this week. I still have some prints on order and they too will be completed this week. But what you ask, does all this mean? Am I technically unemployed?

Well, perhaps, but unemployed or not, it also means I've had time to play! And playing for me means taking out my fabric stash and strewing it all about the sitting room. And the kitchen. And there' a bit in the conservatory...

I've been wanting to get back to my sewing for a while yet, but with painting, kids, house and the lot, time is precious. So after sitting amid my fabric for a good hour at least, taking it all in and enjoying the whole process, I decided to make a few bits and bobs for fun. I started off with a few lavender hearts as I also have quite a bit of lavender lying around as well as some odd bits of hand-embroidery and painted fabric. And then I moved on to bigger and better.

BoulieBags! Adorable little totes for girls, young and old. Very simple in their design I'll be the first to say, but cute all the same. I've just listed my first 2 on Etsy and we'll see how it goes. If I get some more time, I may actually add a button or two to close the tote. Or perhaps a bigger size. Possibilities are endless really. But for the time being, they remain their simple, happy selves waiting for siblings and cousins.