Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Friend for Pia....

Meet Suki Smiles!

A second toothfairy added to the collection and also added to Toothlessgrin's fabulous toothfairy pillows.

I couldn't wait to see what Lori would come up with for this one. Different colouring and did you notice, a gold tooth atop her wand as she works her way up the levels of toothfairy world. Obviously Suki's been tending to her duties with much attention.

Well, Lori didn't disappoint and her second pillow is just as pretty as the first. She does such an amazing job with them, it's a pleasure to see my fairies on her work.

In addition, she's added something new to her pillows. She now offers two sizes in the pillows, both equally delicious and some even come with a small toothfairy prayer book.

In fact, Lori does SUCH an amazing job that she's had 2 fabulous bits of great news lately. First off, her pillows are going to be in the Mary Engelbreit magazine, August/September issue and out in July. How exciting! I can't wait to pick up an issue.

Second bit of good news is perhaps even better... Her tooth fairy pillows have been picked up by a (big) national company over in the US. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to say who, but it's big!

Huge congratulations to you, Lori. You and your work deserve the recognition.


Lynn said...

These pillows are so adorable, the combination of your illustrations and Lori's sewing produces beautiful work!

How exciting to have a piece of your work in the Home Companion Magazine, I love Mary E. and I'll be looking for your products in the next few issues!

The Devil's Dance Floor said...

Congrats on finding a home that feels so right to you, and I love the tooth fairies!

BellWookie said...

WAHOOO for both of you!