Sunday, April 27, 2008

Glorious Gifting!

I thought I should add a little something about the new gift tags in my shop. I added them a few weeks ago, but things have been rather frantic since then and I've not had time to say much about them.

Cupcakes and Kitty Cats for the first 2 sets. Digitially enhanced illustrations from my archives are handcut into gift tags and finished off with satin ribbons. A perfect way to dress up your packages and add a little something extra. They are sold in sets of 6, 2 of each 3 images.

With a little bit of luck, I'll find some time to add some more in this series. Fairies maybe? Or how about something for the boys. I'm adding more to my Nor'Easter (or Sou'Wester depending on which continent you live) collection and I think they would make fabulous tags. So if you like what you see, have a check back in my shop for more. Any suggestions are also welcome!

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BellWookie said...

The new faries? The ones in black & white? I would love to see them. The suffragette one would be an excellent tag as one could write greetings on her banner. :)