Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hooray - Something new for the wee men

Finally! A new set of paintings for the little men in our lives. Or even little girls who prefer animals to fairies.

I've been strapped for time lately (to say the least) and so a lot of things on my list have lingered near the bottom or worse yet, been pushed farther down. But at last I have found time to do this set of paintings. They were a commission for a lovely customer in England and what a treat!

To be honest, I'd never before been excited about painting savanna animals. I often thought I should, but I couldn't build up the enthousiasm for it. And then I did these sketches and it all seemed right! I couldn't wait to get to the paints.

So here they are, the (almost) finished products. I still have some details left to paint, but so far I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Hopefully I'll be able to photograph them and list them soon, before shipping this set off to its new home.

I even took time to take photographs of the paintings in the works..


Jennifer Rose said...

These are wonderful! You should rightly be pleased :)

The Devil's Dance Floor said...

They're fantastic!

Alias said...

Very beautiful blog ! Your illustrations are very nice !

BellWookie said...

great paintings. love your work.