Sunday, May 11, 2008

Toothless Grin - An Etsy tale

My Grandmother was a seamstress and so was my mom. Although the many quilts my mom has sewn throughout her life is proof she had a love of sewing, I have to wonder whether all my hand-sewn clothes as a child was necessity rather than enjoyment for her. I shed many tears over the length of my dresses and oh what I would have given for store bought clothes! Those were reserved for special occasions like my birthday or Christmas.

My mom taught me how to sew and I hated it. I would show her my work and if she disapproved the crookedness of my seam then out it would come and I would start over again. My mom now says that she wished she had not been so critical of my stitches. But in a way it was a good thing, because to this day my stitches have to be perfect or out they come. Needless to say, sewing for me wasn’t for least not until now. Now I find that there’s something calming about sewing and a pure enjoyment of creating something that I’ve been picturing in my mind.

How did I get started sewing tooth fairy pillows? Quite honestly I saw one one day, and like most people who like to create I thought to myself, "I could make that!" But I didn’t want to make that one. Seeing it inspired me, and I sat down to design one that I could call my own. What would I call it? I came up with a few names, but what I pictured in my mind was a child with a missing tooth smiling a toothless grin, and Toothless Grin was born.

After many requests my friends, I began personalizing my pillows, first by embroidering the names on them at home. But as they say, Necessity is the mother of invention and when I started selling at craft fairs, I found I needed a way of personalizing them without a sewing machine. And so I began adding alphabet beads to the special detail on the pocket. This I called "Spell It With Beads".

It was in August of last year that I happened across Etsy while internet surfing. I hung around for a few months and admired other artisan’s handcrafted items and even bought a few things for myself. I did think about opening my own shop on Etsy, but was very indecisive. After a few months I finally decided to just do it, and now I’m really pleased that I did. I love everything about it and I’m constantly amazed at how creative and talented people are.

It had been with the introduction of Miss Annabel Toffet, a toothfairy commissioned especially for Toothless Grin by another Etsy seller that I've seen my tooth fairy pillows take a new direction and evolve into something more unique. I have recently added yet another commissioned fairy to my shop and it is my hope that more will follow. My newest addition is as beautiful as Miss Annabel, but little Miss Toffet will always be special to me.

- Lori Trent is the creator of Toothless Grin Tooth Fairy Pillows. Find them at her Etsy shop.


Natasha said...

What wonderfull unusual things!

beadinbythesea said...

What beautiful little pillows and a great story of how it all started!

Nicole said...

Love this interview!! Keep it up!

Helen said...

Very interesting and nice pillows.

fleurfatale said...

Cute story, very pleasant to read!