Thursday, June 19, 2008

Check It Out!

Check out OliverLane's shop on Etsy ( and look what's new! A collaboration between Jill's amazing transfers and a few of my illustrations.

I've tried different transfers in the past, but haven't been overly impressed with the quality. Well, Jill convinced me otherwise. She sent a sample of her work and I was sold. I have no idea how she does it (she won't divulge her trade secrets, but then again, who can blame her), but her transfers have a fabulous feel to them, very matte, and are very durable.

I have washed the sample she sent for my son several times already (and by several, I mean several...he's a messy toddler) and most likely at temperatures she wouldn't recommend. Yet every time, it comes out looking fabulous. So yes, I admit, I've attempted transfer sabotage, but to no avail.

Not only does she offer a sturdy product in the technical sense, but fashion-wise, she's got a great selection. No, you won't find traditional teddy bears or ducks in her shop, but you will find sushi, drums and puppy dogs (okay, that last one is a bit more traditional, but oh so cute!).

So looking for something a bit different for a baby gift or for your own little one? Look no further!

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BellWookie said...

how fun is that? I like the flower girl fairy on the shirt. what better gift for a wee flower girl? hmmm. maybe I needs to find me a man so I can have a flower girl. :)