Friday, June 20, 2008

The eternal state of....


A few new projects in the works. Things that have been turning about in my head for weeks, but for which I've only just found a tiny window of time to bring to life. I'm not sure how any of them are going to turn out as none have been completely defined in my imagination, but I wanted to try some new colours, different styles and well, take a small break from my beloved fairies and cupcakes.

I'm not sure what colour the sides of the bird paintings should be so I used blue. Mainly because I mixed up 3 different pots of blue for another set of paintings that were ordered and each time the colour just wasn't on. So this is my version of recycling colours at its best.

The little girl in the background is also a mystery to me...choosing colours as I go and I'll certainly change some along the way. Fingers crossed she'll be as cute as I hope.

But all this is just squeezed in because although I've finally finished up a large bunch of orders, I still have other bits and bobs promised to people. These small paintings are a mental break for me and a chance to do a little something for myself.


La Pomme said...

a bird and a cherry (?) tree! who can resist?

ArtMind said...

Very curious how the little girl will turn out! Looks very promising.
I like the style of the bird paintings too! Very happy & bright! :)

fleurfatale said...

Your new style looks very nice to me, so colorfull, go ahead!
Also curious about the litlle girl, and the iron on on the previous blogpost is also adorable, ChiChi!!!

ingermaaike said...

They are lovely, I am so glad you decided to recycle you blues!

Star of the East said...

It seems to be impossible to be creative without beeing messy :)