Monday, June 2, 2008

LaPomme on Etsy

The second in my quest to interview the makers behind some of my favourite Etsy shops. This one comes from Apol, creator of LaPomme little objects that tell stories and make you dream.

We were four girls and our parents were very protective of us when we were children; we weren’t allowed to go out and play in the streets with the neighbours. But children must have some sort of outlet, musn’t they? So my sisters and I retreated into very imaginative, quite complex play with paper dolls that we made ourselves. They had their own apartments made from hardbound books, cardboard furniture, cars made from rubber flipflops, and fantastic wardrobes! They all had jobs and went to parties, and when some unfortunate mishap occurred, for example if one of them had her head break off at the neck, we’d hold a funeral.

When we’d get bored with the dollies, we’d write radio plays and record those, complete with voices and singing. Then weeks before Christmas, we’d begin making our own gifts for our numerous cousins, uncles, aunts, and our grandparents: toys, tissue holders, bookmarks, stuff like that.

I suppose that what I’m doing now is really just a continuation of something I have
always done. Even when I was in my very intense career-woman phase from my 20s to my early 30s, I was always doing something else on the side. I was making handmade jewellery, coiling, knitting, and crocheting silver and copper wire.

After a conscious decision a few years ago to lead a gentler kind of life, one which gave me more creative satisfaction and much lower stress levels, I began being unsatisfied with how wire and semiprecious stones felt—too hard and too cold. So I turned to fabrics.

I am aiming to make more sculptural pieces these days as well as pieces that tell a story. I write speculative fiction. It’s something I enjoy enormously, so I can’t help but want to incorporate that part of me into my sewn crafts.

My absolute favourite creations right now are The White Swans, The White Apple, and The White Pear. I can’t exactly say why, except that I feel happy looking at them, like there’s some sort of magic going on.

You can find LaPomme’s shop at


ingermaaike said...

Oh I know why they make me feel happy, they are beautiful in a grownup kind of way but still a toy. And I just love toys!

La Pomme said...

Looks lovely, Gretchen. Thank you!

fleurfatale said...

So nice to read a bit about th background of an artist, and that's for sure what Lapomme is!

ArtMind said...

Great interview! LaPomme is a little fairy herself - did she tell you that? ;)

Star of the East said...

Great interview and artist!!

ana carina said...

hat a beautiful feature!
I love lapomme's work, it's so delicate and gorgeous!

debsmuddle said...

I too love la pomme's work