Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Miss Tumbletot

Introducing the latest... Little Miss Tumbletot.

Little Miss Tumbletot was a commission from a customer in the US for her daughter's second birthday. What fun it was to illustrate her. I'm always so happy to have someone approach me with an idea in mind. It gives me a starting point and also opens me up to new ideas that I wouldn't necessarily do myself.

Little Miss Tumbletot is also a slightly different style, much more watercolour-ish to me and less illustration if that makes any sense.

I'm so pleased with her, I just had to share!


Kate said...

awww, so sweet and cute :) your work is so beautiful!

Jamie said...

She is adorable!!!

Cupcake said...

Absolutely adorable.

Bek said...

i love it! she's adorable!

friends of ours say that in Haiti, when a child stands that way, they are saying the mother is pregnant again. But they explained that's usually because by the time a child CAN stand that way, the mother often has gotten knocked up again. haha.