Friday, September 19, 2008

And the winner is....

.... well, I haven't put them in a hat yet, so nothing to pull out.

I apologise to everyone and I promise I will do it tomorrow. It's been a bit of a day around here as my tummy isn't feeling well and baby man...well, he's got everything under the sun at the moment. Poor thing! Explains a lot of the sleepless nights lately though. Ah the joys of teething.

So cross my heart.... I will announce the winner tomorrow!

This is about how I feel


glitter girl said...

awww - sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot... I'll be patient till tomorrow... Hope you're feeling better by then!
Oh - and when you ARE feeling better, will you nudge Em to release a new chichi? I really want that laundry fairy gal to be a stamp!!! =)
cyber hugs...

Jamie said...

That stinks to not feel good!! Feel better soon. Teething is the absolute worst, my little one and I usually end up on the couches for those nights. I love that fairy she is adorable, can I have her ;).