Monday, September 29, 2008

La Chasse est Ouverte!

Yes, hunting season has opened here in northern France. It was announced on the radio yesterday morning and I took note, but not that much note to be honest.

Perhaps I should have paid just a bit more attention.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday - blue sky, sunshine, about 21 celcius (low 70s for my US readers). Really lovely and not the type of weather we are often spoiled with around these parts. So we took advantage of it and went for a family bike ride.

Sometimes I think we don't live enough out in the country for my taste and it's true that if the children were older, I would move further out. But we do have open fields, tractors regularly pass in front of the house, and cows are not lacking in these parts. But yesterday, while on out little trip, I was reminded that maybe, just maybe, we are in fact already in the country.

We rode past old farms, freshly harvested fields, open views. And then....



Followed by a rather worried "What was that, mummy!?"

"Hmmmm. Maybe we need to take a different route. Could you just duck your head down a slight bit? No matter if you can't see in front of you. Don't worry about that. Okay? That's good, just like that."

I'm thinking of investing in bullet proof helmets. Do they come in pink?


Cupcake said...


WOW - watch out for those overzealous hunters! I'm glad that you were safe. I like the idea of pink bullet proof vests because really everything is better in pink :-)

Have a great day!

The Devil's Dance Floor said...

I always found hunting season to be annoying, but was never close enough to it to worry about it being dangerous!

Glad everything was fine with the bike ride!

Dori said...

Stay safe. :)

BellWookie said...

yeah. I hate hunting season. You know they make tool belts & hard hats in pink why not a bit of stanout don't shoot me wear for small bike riders?! :)