Saturday, September 6, 2008

AUCTION for a good cause....

As appeared in the New York Times Fashion & Style section

Here's How It Works
I've never done anything like this before so it's a learning curve for me. If you have any suggestions, please do let me know. In the meantime, here is what I am asking. I hope it works out as it's truly for a good cause:

1 - Please place your bid by leaving a comment with your bid amount in the comments section. Make sure it is higher than the previous bid and only in whole dollars.

2 - Check back often to see where your bid is at.

3 - Spread the word and try to get others involved! My biggest fear is that I won't have much to offer this family in the end.

4 - At the close of the auction, I will contact the winner. The winner will pay the amount of their winning bid to the Stephanie and Christian PayPal account. The winner will then forward the PayPal receipt to me and I'll send the artwork to them.

5 - The auction will end at noon EST on Wednesday, 10 September.

And Here's Why...

I was introduced to a new blog today and something struck a cord with me. Maybe it's because this family reminds me of my own. I can't really say, but something touched me and made me want to do something.

I'm talking about Stephanie and Christian Nielson in the United States. No, I don't know them. I had never even heard of them before today. But they were in a terrible plane crash in August, the day of my wedding anniversary to be exact. It's a heartbreaking story. If you haven't read about it but would like to learn more, please read about it here.

Stephanie was an avid blogger, writing The NieNieDialogues about marriage, kids, family, life. The family has been fundraising to try to pay for the costs they are incurring. Today I decided that I wanted to do something to help, however small my contribution may be. I have no link to this family other than what I read this morning, but I want to do my part. Maybe because I put myself in their situation and would hope for others to care. Maybe because I think that's the way the world should be.

I have offered to the family to auction off a piece of original artwork, a bespoke (commissioned) watercolour illustration to the winner. The illustration will be on heavy weight watercolour paper measuring 8x10 inches. It can contain up to 2 figures of your choosing. You decide if you would like an illustration of your child or children or something more whimsical to decorate the walls of his or her room. I will work with you to come up with something to suit.

If you would like to see other examples of my artwork, please click here or here.


Grooveycrafts said...

That is such a moving blog but also very well put together. Have you thought about contacting the owner of the EtsyAngels team to help you promote as they do all kinds of fundraising on etsy for such events. Just send them the link, explain whats happened and they maybe willing to help :)

ingermaaike said...

Great initiative!

Ravenhill said...

How very wonderful of you to help this good cause!

ChichiBoulie said...

Starting minimum bid $30

Molly said...

I'll bid $30 USD on the artwork of the little blond girl standing on her head. Looks just like Abby :)

Dina said...
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scgoddess said...

I'll go $35 for a good cause..
aka scgoddess

LeAnne said...

It's such a small world, my daughter goes to school in Utah where this happened and she sent me links to the blog before this tragic accident. I am a lover of your work anyway so what better way to get it than to help this family. My bid is $50.

Robb_eeie said...

It certainly is a very sad and touching story. I hope everyone bids and contributes to this family in need.

My Bid is $100.00

Hope this helps in some small way.

Lori said...

May this family be blessed by our prayers and your desire and kindness to assist them.

I would like to bid $120.00

Blessings and Smiles,

LeAnne said...

Ok, I have linked this post back to my blog. I will up my bid to $125 but I really wanna see this get higher!!!!!