Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And Speaking of Tea Parties...

...we decided to have our very own this morning.

Primary school children don't go to school on Wednesdays so it's generally a day dedicated to shuttling them back and forth to various activities. My littlest is a daycare on Wednesdays, luckily for him, so he can avoid spending a great deal of his day buckled in his carseat.

That leaves Wednesdays to just us girls. Normally the early morning hours are dedicated to homework for the next day, followed closely behind by music lessons at the local school.

But it was quite chilly this morning and as I made my morning tea, my oldest asked if she could have some as well. Why not! All it took was for me to give a nod of the head and she was off to grab "her" teacup off the shelf as well as saucer and side plate. That done, she was off to invite her little sister to the party.

And thus is was our spontaneous tea party. I didn't have time to bake, but we did have lovely tea (with milk and honey for the girls) as well as a bit of baguettine (brioche type loaf with bits of chocolate baked in) left over from yesterday's goƻter:

And as luck would have it, Augustine was already dressed for a little tea party... complete with ever so posh hat.


Jennifer Rose said...

love the hat :D

love chocolate bread :)

Bridget said...

looks like it was lots of fun. I Love girl days. I used to have them all the time with my niece Meagan. Now she has a baby of her own.

LeAnne said...

Any day that includes a spontaneous tea party is a good day in my book.

BellWookie said...

I adore her hat & the spontaneity of a tea party!