Friday, October 31, 2008

The Horror!

I just didn't know what else to title this post.

I knew what is currently happening was something we couldn't avoid, although we did avoid it as long as possible.

We're painting the dining and sitting rooms. I can hear you all drawing back in horror. Fear not. It is under control. Sort of.

What I should say is that I'm painting. Hubby is taking care of the kids, which in his world means taking them to lunch at La Friterie (because in northern France and Belgium, we have places specialised in frites, or French fries, offering ever so healthy delicacies such as fries and mayonnaise and deep fried sausages, just in case a regular sausage isn't high enough in cholestoral for you).

So children and hubby are happy. And I am painting. It's not really the painting that's bad despite the rather high ceilings and the fact that we have more than a few wooden beams to paint around. I won't complain about that because I love the wooden beams and high ceilings.

It's the mess that comes with the painting. Not the mess from the paint itself although my hands are covered in a rather lovely shade of chocolate brown. I'm referring to the mess from having to move all the furniture away from the walls in order to paint. The dining and sitting rooms have basically become off limits simply because there is no space to manoeuvre. I requested enough space to be able to put my ladder near the wall and well, that's just about what I got. And only that.

So trying to move ladders around along with heavy paint pots and wet brushes all while trying to avoid and keep a watchful eye on a certain 2 year old who is happy as a clam at high tide in this chaos is proving quite the challenge.

The good news is, the first coat is done. The bad news is, 1 more coat to do and a babysitter coming round this evening.

Time's a tickin' so I can no longer stay here blogging. Just wanted to share...

(my very healthy lunch)

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Cupcake said...

Good luck with the painting Gretchen.

Jamie said...

yes the mess is the worst part, and the prep. But once it is done it is so great!!! Good Luck.

Half an Acre said...

i might be slightly jealous of that wooden floor, high ceiling and wooden beams there! It'll look so fab when its done! after all those chips,though,you'll just need a big long sleep!

Bek said...


But I would love a whole place devoted to fries. Potatoes are my weakness, especially fried... mmmmmmmm

High Desert Diva said...

Hang in will be worth the effort & mess when finished!