Saturday, November 15, 2008

Auction for Charity - Feeding America

Since this is being posted on Twitter, I thought it only fitting to choose some of my bird prints to auction off. So here they are. I'm offering to the lucky winner a choice of 1 of these giclée prints, signed and dated. Perfect holiday gifts for someone special!

What's the auction for? It's for Feeding America, helping to feed 14 million people this year and all proceeds of the auction will go to this organisation.

Who's sponsoring the auction? It's being sponsored by GNO on Twitter, also known as Girls' Night Out. You can check them out here.

How do I enter? To enter simply leave a comment on this blog post. In your comment, be sure to leave your bid (must be more than the post before yours of course) and your email address so we can contact you if you're the winner.

How will I know if I won?

Winning bids will be announced during GNO on Twitter on Tuesday November 18. Winners will also be contacted via email. You do not actually have to participate in the GNO or even be on Twitter to win, but as extra incentive for those of you who may want to find out more about either, there will be door prizes handed out during the evening for those who have sent an RSVP to take part.

What do I win? From my blog, a choice of one the the 3 posted prints, your choice. To learn more about the prints, click on each one and it will bring you to my shop where you can find details.

But there's more! Check out the GNO website for other blogs that are holding auctions for this worthy event.

Happy Bidding!

** As this is for a charity event, I would request that the bidding to start at $20**


Bek said...

gladly - I'll actually open at $25. :) (you know how to get in touch with me)

Lil This Lil That said...

You do a great job! Wow! My favorite happens to be the Music and Dancing Collage in your Etsy store. I am an X-Music Teacher as of last year and just fell in love :)


Scary Mommy said...

OHHHH, I love these. I'll raise it to $30.

ihope2b1 said...

I absolutely love your work! It's beautiful!

Des said...

I just adore this picture, I'll donate $35!

croberts said...

Perfect for my daughter's room - I'll up it to $35 :)