Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Do you remember your notebooks from class? You know, the ones where you were meant to be writing down everything your teacher said while your mind was completely entranced by his or her every word.

Mine (like many others reading this I'm sure) were not only filled with words of wisdom, but also with what I like to call doodles of discernment. Most, if not all, of my margins along with any other reasonably sized white-space, were filled with drawings of this and that or of nothing at all.

But I haven't doodled much recently. I draw. A lot. But I don't seem to doodle. I suspect this may be connected to the arrival of the youngest lodger at our house, the one who keeps me on my toes and helps me wear out the soles of my shoes. Since he's come into our lives, or at least since he's discovered the principle of mobility, I spend very little time sitting down and much less of that little time awake. I suspect any paper destined to be doodled upon would sooner find itself dribbled with drool as I doze alongside.

But despite it all, I have decided to get back to doodling to see what happens. I've challenged myself to spend at least a few moments each day filling a blank sheet of paper with whatever comes to mind with the hope of developing some new ideas or designs.

If nothing else, this could turn out to be a very telling experiment in psychology - the inner thoughts of a mother of multiple children.

Which makes me wonder.... perhaps I should best keep my doodles to myself...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Because...

...it's important to remember the little joys in life, the moments that really make you smile deep down.

LĂ©opold and his favourite fashion accessory, his "brrm brrm" as it's affectionately called.

He tries his hardest not to go anywhere without it.