Friday, October 31, 2008

The Horror!

I just didn't know what else to title this post.

I knew what is currently happening was something we couldn't avoid, although we did avoid it as long as possible.

We're painting the dining and sitting rooms. I can hear you all drawing back in horror. Fear not. It is under control. Sort of.

What I should say is that I'm painting. Hubby is taking care of the kids, which in his world means taking them to lunch at La Friterie (because in northern France and Belgium, we have places specialised in frites, or French fries, offering ever so healthy delicacies such as fries and mayonnaise and deep fried sausages, just in case a regular sausage isn't high enough in cholestoral for you).

So children and hubby are happy. And I am painting. It's not really the painting that's bad despite the rather high ceilings and the fact that we have more than a few wooden beams to paint around. I won't complain about that because I love the wooden beams and high ceilings.

It's the mess that comes with the painting. Not the mess from the paint itself although my hands are covered in a rather lovely shade of chocolate brown. I'm referring to the mess from having to move all the furniture away from the walls in order to paint. The dining and sitting rooms have basically become off limits simply because there is no space to manoeuvre. I requested enough space to be able to put my ladder near the wall and well, that's just about what I got. And only that.

So trying to move ladders around along with heavy paint pots and wet brushes all while trying to avoid and keep a watchful eye on a certain 2 year old who is happy as a clam at high tide in this chaos is proving quite the challenge.

The good news is, the first coat is done. The bad news is, 1 more coat to do and a babysitter coming round this evening.

Time's a tickin' so I can no longer stay here blogging. Just wanted to share...

(my very healthy lunch)

And not to forget - I'm still offering my 2009 Fairy Calendar for $15 for BoulieBlog readers. If there is none listed in my shop, please send me a convo or email me at and I will relist for you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

6 Year Old - Quote of the Day

"Daddy, you know, I'm not a baby any more. You couldn't quite say I'm an adult yet, but I'm really not a baby."

We handed her the car keys and a VERY large phonebook to sit on.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've been waiting for this and having oh so difficult a time keeping my mouth closed about it.

I did let a little slip earlier in showing off Rose, but it was only a little slip. Didn't give too much away. Now, however, I can scream it from the rooftops...

The BittyBlooms have been released on StampingBella!

A new line of characters has been added to the Chichiboulie Fairies in the stamping world.

Emily and I have been working on these and having so much fun. And as of today, you can find Rose, Hydrangea, Lavender, BlueBell, Lilly, Poppy, Sunflower and Daisy.

So go. Buy. Stamp your heart out!

Oh and... the 2009 Fairy Calendar is now on Etsy and it's a special price for BoulieBlog readers. Mention the BoulieBlog in your "message to seller" and you'll get the calendar for $15 instead of $22. A bargain for all those fairies!

Edit: Since a few people have emailed me to ask, if you'd like to purchase a calendar and they are sold out in my shop, please just send me a message and I will relist one for you. Easy peasy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ruby Ribbonlace

Breast Cancer Awareness Card

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it only naturally to finally release Ruby Ribbonlace in a card, doing what she was created to do. Ever notice the shape of her parachute?

I have several personal reasons for creating Ruby and this card and hope it will bring a smile to some others' faces as well.

I've left the inside blank for your own message, but as I print them up myself, if you have a special message you'd like to add, please don't hesitate to ask.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

In Bloom!

I just wanted to show off and share my beautiful amaryllis that is finally in bloom today.

I've always wanted an amaryllis, but somehow never got around to purchasing one. I really love the red ones and obviously the large WHITE amaryllis on the care directions of this one didn't get its point across to me, but nevertheless, I love this flower and I'm so pleased to see it bloom.

It sits in my favourite window of the entire house with 2 other friends. I just adore looking through this window as well as looking at the

Small pleasures....

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Productive Week...

I guess some weeks are just better than others productivity wise and this week was among the better. So here's another new project I've finally sussed out and (all but) finished.

Behold the 2009 Fairies of Boulie Woods Calendar!

Like the Tea Party Planner, it's something I've been mulling over for quite some time. Just didn't have the time or the "click" needed to make it happen. Until.... Yesterday.

And so it became today's project. It still needs some tweaking, but very little as it's just a question of page set up, and then, it's done! And as a bonus, you get to find out all the fairies' names because you did know they all have names didn't you? That's Lisette Lovemelots on the front and she's joined by 11 other of her friends.

But ouf, I'm tired now. Good thing it's the end of the week and the half-term holidays for the kids (although I'm not sure I'll be saying that come this time next week!). We have a little bit of rest and relaxation ahead of us, and a small getaway as well. But that's all very unrealistic of me as I'm sure we'll have some little traumas if not a more than a few mishaps with all 3 children home.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something Fun from this Morning

I just listed this first one in my shop today... personalised "trousses" for your little ones. For lack of a better translation, I've listed it as a "pochette" or small pocket to keep all those important bits that girls like to carry around with them. To start of, they come with 8 sheets of coordinating notepaper for those very important pieces of correspondance, but once that is gone, they work wonderfully for other treasures.

The samples, of course, were made for daughters.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And Speaking of Tea Parties...

...we decided to have our very own this morning.

Primary school children don't go to school on Wednesdays so it's generally a day dedicated to shuttling them back and forth to various activities. My littlest is a daycare on Wednesdays, luckily for him, so he can avoid spending a great deal of his day buckled in his carseat.

That leaves Wednesdays to just us girls. Normally the early morning hours are dedicated to homework for the next day, followed closely behind by music lessons at the local school.

But it was quite chilly this morning and as I made my morning tea, my oldest asked if she could have some as well. Why not! All it took was for me to give a nod of the head and she was off to grab "her" teacup off the shelf as well as saucer and side plate. That done, she was off to invite her little sister to the party.

And thus is was our spontaneous tea party. I didn't have time to bake, but we did have lovely tea (with milk and honey for the girls) as well as a bit of baguettine (brioche type loaf with bits of chocolate baked in) left over from yesterday's goƻter:

And as luck would have it, Augustine was already dressed for a little tea party... complete with ever so posh hat.

Monday, October 20, 2008

You're Invited to Tea....

With Nellie Belle! You helped to name her and here she is finally doing what she was created to do....

My very first party planner book featuring Nellie Belle and "her" tips for holding your very own tea party.

I have been thinking about this project since the summer I'm ashamed to admit. The images has been drawn for a couple of months as well. But it just wasn't clear in my mind or coming together for me. I was always there, just not quite what I wanted it to be.

And then suddenly yesterday it clicked. I ran my idea by a confident and mentor of sorts and the ideas started flowing. Luckily I had finished my important bits yesterday before the idea took hold as once it did, there was no stopping me. I worked straight through and this morning I was out the door for supplies as soon as the shops opened.

And the end result? I'm very pleased with it. Very colourful, very sweet. Just what Nellie Belle should be.

FYI - I've listed this in my Etsy shop here if you want to find out more about it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And you know when you're feeling...

...kind of silly?

I'll be adding Rose and maybe a few friends to my shop soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You know when you're so happy... kind of want to squeal?

Well that's how I felt when I finished me first decoration. Is it okay to be really really happy with something you've made yourself? I hope so because I really really like these.

So far I've only made up 2, but I'm planning on more. I'm also thinking that not only are they super cute holiday decorations, but they would also make super cute anytime decorations... A little decoupaged heart with a little girl's name and birthdate on the back to hang in her window? Why not?!

I have to put my thinking cap on again to come up with some more anytime decorations, but I can feel the wheels turning. Suggestions are welcome, as always.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saint Hubert

Who?! I'll admit, I didn't know who St Hubert was until this morning. But I had sussed out that it was something not to be missed. As we're still very new to our town, we don't know all the local customs yet, but I truly enjoy learning them. Today was another chapter in my education.

Saint Hubert is, among other things, the patron saint of hunters. And today was the celebration at our local parish.

Instead of the usual Sunday mass, today's was celebrated in St. Hubert's honour so what better place to have it than in an open field. It was a bit chilly and somewhat foggy this morning as we trudged out to the field for the celebration, but it was worth it.

Being out in the crisp morning air was alone a treat. But what made it even more so was that we were joined not only by other members of the community, but by members of our "twin" town in Germany as well as friends of another kind - the horses from the local hunt club and many, many dogs of all shapes and sizes. We had no idea what to expect so this was all a pleasant surprise for us, and especially for the kids.

The tractor on site made it an exceptional outing for the littlest among us, a tractor aficionado in the making.

Definitely not your typical Sunday.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Just Because....

I went for a bike ride today, 2 year old in tow. He wouldn't settle for his nap, as is often the case, and the sun was out, as it not so often the case, so I decided to seize the moment and go for a ride.

So I buckled him into his "trailer" and we set off.

I love where I live. I do. A lot of people have a bad image of this area of France for various reasons, but I love it. We've only been here for 9 months, but it feels like home. It feels right.

I have my favourite route that I used to take from our rental house and decided to go that way today despite its being slightly further now from our new house. Off we went.

It was lovely. I peddle through farmlands, past old flemish-style farm houses, fields of horses and cows and corn. As I peddled, the sky turned from blue with a few clouds to a hazy grey, warning of impending rain, often the case where we live. And then the wind picked up as well and peddling became slightly more difficult. But I love the feeling of the cool wind on my face. Revitalising.

I so enjoy the views of open fields, the flatness of the land doesn't detract from it for me in the least.

Of course, I went a bit further than maybe I should have towing a 4kg trailer and 10kg 2-year-old and the return was challenging, to say the least. I was a bit tired. Okay, I admit it. I was relieved when my son threw his cuddly toy out of the trailer and I had to stop and go back to fetch it. Any excuse at that point to stop peddling. And I did end up dismounting and walking the bike and trailer home for the last 10th of a mile. And my legs are slightly sore and I'm a bit tired.

But it was worth it. It was lovely. Although next time, I may not go as far.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Once I'm in a Mood...

....there's no getting me out of it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has dry moments. Moments when the creative juices just aren't flowing and you'd pull your hair out for just one eureka moment.

Lately, I've kind of been the opposite. Maybe it's because I have so much to do that I can barely keep my head above water that suddenly all these ideas are showing themselves just to frustrate me. Maybe it's because once the creativity is flowing again, it's really flowing.

Well, whatever it may be, I'm happy it's here because I'm enjoying it. Not sleeping too much, but enjoying the fun!

So among the many things I've been doing lately are my newest BoulieBags. I've been wanting to get my hands on some felt for some time now. It's just such a great material and so easy and... fun. So far I've made 3 BoulieBags, one each in blue, pink and green, and each with a different applique. But with a bit of luch and organisation there will be more to come. Just need to find some time to order my supplies.

I'm also planning on adding a BoulieBag Kit to my products: everything you need to make your own BoulieBag, a fun project for kids. I need to think it through just a bit more, but it's getting there.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying looking at the 3 I have and dreaming of the others to come.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh oh!

Looks like I've been tagged by JK.

I have to admit. I've been tagged and nominated for blog awards several times in the past, but life is always so hectic I never seem to get around to posting about them. In that sense, I'm a very bad blogger.

So today I'm going to attempt to make amends and I'm responding straight away to my tag.

Here goes, starting with THE RULES:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving theirnames as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

And now...THE FACTS:
1. I love a good storm - wind and rain and a lovely fire is one of my favourite combinations
2. I adore long rides on my bicycle.
3. I really really really don't like melon. Of any kind.
4. I really really really don't like the colour burgandy, except for wine.
5. I love (for the most part) where I live, although a few more farms wouldn't make me unhappy.
6. My favourite colours are spring green and red.
7. I practice Pilates and Yoga (when I find the time)

Time for...THE TAGS:

1. Ravenhill
2. Artmind
3. Siansburys
4. Kala
5. LeAnne
6. Brooke
7. NuttyKnitter

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Comparing Apples to Walnuts?

And which type of tree is more prolific.

We have 1 smallish apple tress and 3 walnut trees in our garden since we've moved into our new house. And now that it's autumn, it's apple picking and walnut picking-up season. We've already picked quite a few apples from this rather prolific tree and enjoyed them as is or in crumbles. We've also already picked up 3 large bowls of walnuts from the ground.

But now the trees are really ready so we decided to go out yesterday and take advantage. We split up into teams and while hubby and eldest daughter picked apples, second daughter and I picked up nuts from among the leaves. We only had time to pick up the nuts from around 1 tree which of course means there are still nuts from 2 other trees lying around the garden waiting to be found.

The result of our efforts? You can see it in the photos.

Walnuts anyone?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vintage Indie and Glitter & Grunge

Lookey! I've been featured on Vintage Indie! This is definitely a first for me and I'm so excited. It was for the Glitter & Grunge September Artists' Challenge and my print of my watercolour painting "Sandcastles" is featured.

I joined Glitter & Grunge at the beginning of the summer for 2 reasons. I thought about it at first and wasn't quite certain I fit in with the group of wonderful vintage inspired artists. But I absolutely adore the site. It has such a wonderful feel to it and such great artists. An ecclectic mix that is so much fun. I just wanted to be a part of it!

My second reason for joining was to push myself to create something that I wouldn't normally do. Every month we are asked to list 1 item that is exclusive to G&G. By it's name, you can see it's focussed on vintage type items. I don't usually do "vintage" but I do so love the feel. So I'm hoping by being a member of this site, I will have my usual boundaries pushed just a bit further. Hoping....

Here are a few items I created originally for Glitter & Grunge.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Naming Game

I've been thinking. This little girl needs a name. Anyone care to help?

She strikes me as a Nellie for some reason. I think Nellie fits. But Nellie all alone is a bit, well, lonely. I need something to give her that spark! Any thoughts? I'd love your input.