Sunday, February 1, 2009

Louisa then Clara then Pippa!

A few name changes later and I'm happy to introduce you to Pippa!

Anyone who really knows me knows how important names are to me. My husband just shakes his head now when I spew name statistics at him. People who don't know me gape in amazement if they have the mischance of bringing up the subject. And so you may imagine that it was no easy task finding just that perfect name for my very first paper doll. A few posts ago she was Louisa. Then I thought that wasn't quite right and maybe Clara was a better fit. A bit more mulling over and a few more names tossed aside and I've finally come to the conclusion she's a Pippa.

I think it fits. And so here she is, all packaged up and ready to go. I've had such fun designing her, cutting out her clothing and then trying on all the outfits. In fact, the girls and I has a little Pippa fashion show this afternoon. What fun!

I'll be listing Pippa in my various shops so please do stop by. Pippa comes with several outfits for summer and winter, as well as her jammies and a lovely little nautical number, just because. She also comes with a template for making a carrying case for her and her accessories, complete with the ribbon needed to keep it closed when she's resting from all that play.

I hope your little ones will find as much pleasure in playing with her as I did in creating her.

Stay tuned to the Boulie Blog to meet Pippa's friend (who, by the way, has also had a name change) and maybe a few extra little treats to go along with them. I love giving out treats!


Bek said...

ah, hooray! A Pippa at last! So excited :)

Kala said...

*pushes her way to the front of the queue*

me me meeeee!!!!!!

aliceinparis said...

Well done:))

kraplap said...

I love Pippa ! and it's a great name for her indeed !

glasfaden said...

Pippa is a sweet name! Love the design. Wish I have a girl ;)

fleurfatale said...

Pippa is a lovely name, and what a great idea to make the clothes for her!

karuski said...

Paper dolls are so cute! We used to play with them and created stories for each character when I was small. I hope the kids are still playing with them:)

What a lovely name you gave her:)