Friday, April 3, 2009


My oldest has her first official "report" to do for school. The children could choose any subject they wanted. Some of her friends chose to do reports on the family dog or dolphins, others chose tennis or a favourite book. My daughter? She's decided to do her 15 minute report on "America". Nothing specific about it, just America in general. Oh, and apparently it must contain the Statue of Liberty and Washington D.C. in her mind.

One thing can be said for certain, she is ambitious. And I have learned from experience that once she has her heart set on something, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to change her mind. And so America it is to be.

To get her started, I suggested she sit down and write a list of things she thinks she should talk about before beginning her research. I even gave her a few ideas, things like where it is located, what are its borders, what is the capital etc. I sent her off with these things in mind (or so I thought) and soon enough she was back exclaiming she was ready to start researching.

I had decided to let her do the first bit herself as a learning experience. I would look over her first draft to give her guidance on what to add and delete before she continued. And so we looked up a few internet pages together and then I let her get to work.

Yesterday, she presented her first draft to me.

Today I'm going to talk to you about America, it began. And was then proceeded by a paragraph on the Statue of Liberty and then one very long sentence about Washington D.C. Not a bad start and some very good information, but not quite a report on America.

I tried again to explain what such a report may contain and even that she could most definitely talk about the Statue of Liberty and Washington. We discussed different ideas that she could research as I tried to help her to understand that as is, her work was not quite a report on America, but rather on some random facts about the country.

I think I may have mentioned that she's a bit strong-willed, did I not?

She went off only to come back a little while later with her updated version. This one was quite remarkably similar to the first version, but there was one minor change. The first sentence.

Today I'm going to talk to you about random things about America.

I think we have some work to do.


Star of the East said...

LOL LOL your daughter is quite something :)

karuski said...

The title is just great! I'm always in awe of children's logic. Simple things are often the best, lol:)


ingermaaike said...

Inventive and creative, nothing less!

jealousydesign said...

lol! so fun to read :)

Amanda Yu said...

oH hehehe, lovely daughter, she is smart and make mammy headache! :P

I love the ending of this post. ^-^

SoBella Creations said...

Oh I can totally relate. My almost 6 year old is the same way. You will be hard pressed to change her mind about a lot of things.

Good luck to your daughter on her America report.

Jamie said...

haha, that is adorable. good luck with the report.

Duni said...

Oh that's funny! I'm sure her random facts in her report will be fascinating! said...

That is SO great!!

Giffysk8s said...

I am totally ROFL! As a 3rd grade teacher, I received LOTS of reports like this. My daughter has always been very strong willed. It was torture for us at times--hence my hubby's hairline and my gray hairs--but I knew that it would pay off when she became an adult. Let me know how the report goes!

BellWookie said...

Lord have mercy and save us from bright, strong willed children. Hope her random report went over well! :)

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

That's called using critical thinking skills! I hope you post an update about the end result of the "random things" report!