Friday, June 5, 2009

New embroidery and a question

I've got something new to show you all that I've just added to my shop. It was on the request of a couple of my lovely ladies that Anabel and William have both been transformed into embroidery kits. Both downloadable kits come with instructions and black and white as well as colour images in case you're in need of inspiration (thought I really doubt you are). There is a bright and fun cover page as well as an instruction page. Super easy if you yourself are an "embroiderer" and super easy to transform into a gift for someone else if you're not.

(keep watching this space for June's free download coming soon... I think you may like it!)

Now, onto my question....

While blog hopping again (you know by now I like to do that), I came across this question on Coco's blog ByCoco, asking what is everyone's favourite time to shop online? It's a good question.

Myself, I do it whenever a thought comes into my mind and I can get to internet to check it out. I like immediate responses you see. But it's not always ideal and sometimes it has to wait. So with the exception of "right away", I would have to say my favourite time is either early morning before the kids are really awake or later in the evening once they've gone to be. It makes focussing much easier and avoids all the "oh, can you click on that, mummy" exclamations.

So what's you're favourite time for internet shopping?


Kaja said...

Anytime... But I think I finish off most of my shopping during "Bolibompa", which is the children's programs on TV at 18-19 in the evening. Or, after the kids has gone to bed and I have put aside some things of their toys. 21-22 perhaps??

ByCoco said...

"Merci beaucoup" for the mention... That was a fun question... I'm more of a night owl than an early bird, but I do like to shop online when no one else is vying for my attention. Coco of and