Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally a Freebie for February

I know, I'm a bit early, but really, this is pretty much a first for me. I'm very rarely early for these kinds of things. More often than not I find the light going on just as the electricity is about to be cut.

I blame it on the kids.

But I digress....

I am a early. A least for the title of my post, it still being January and all. But in reality, I may not actually be so much in advance as I'm pretty sure loads of you out there are already preparing your Valentine's gifts and cards. Myself? Nowhere near it, but do as I say, not as I do... you'll be better off for it. And so I say go over to the freebies section of my blog (yes, that's correct, over there on the right) and download this lovely little Squiggly Love printable stamp. You won't be disappointed. You'll get 6 print outs in all, 2 each in black, red and sepia. Oh, in case you're wondering, they aren't coloured in as in the image, just outlines for you to all enjoy colouring as you wish!

Be sure to grab it now over in the Freebie section (on the right) because once February is over, I'll be moving this little one over to my shop where you'll still be able to get it, but just not for free.

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