Thursday, February 25, 2010

Starting from scratch

Every day I sit down and look at this and every day I tell myself that today I'll make a new post on my blog.

And yet, every night, I tuck myself in, and somehow another day has gone by without accomplishing that seemingly simple task.

So before I tick off today as another not quite completed day (although a simple blog post isn't really going to complete my day as any of you with children will know... there are far too many things I just never get around to it seems!), I thought I'd at least make an effort.

I do have a lot of things in the works around here at Chichiboulie and at the house. I have a few new prints that I've listed, I'm finally working on my fabric swatches again and hopefully getting the colours right for printing, the kitchen in the house is just about complete (although not quite there) and the snowdrops are coming up in the garden. So actually, I do have quite a lot I could chat about. It's the organisation that's missing. I seemed to have misplaced it somewhere and goodness knows, when you misplace organisation, you're in dire straits indeed!

So while I'm searching for organisation under piles of other things, I thought I'd share with you the next Olympic ski champion - of which country we're still not sure. The US seems to be doing quite well with their team (and hooray to Bode Miller for finally capturing that elusive gold!), but France is well.... best left undiscussed at this point. So perhaps we'll aim for that as our 3 year old refused ski lessons with the children of his age and insisted on skiing on the normal slope with the others. It was quite a day but motherly affection aside, I'm quite impressed!

Another 15 years of training or so and you may be seeing him chasing a medal or two!


Bek said...

And we can say we knew him when :)

Giffysk8s said...

Well I will certainly keep my eye on Leopold! He looks quite like a pro already. :)

I cannot wait to give the Leopold painting to Emma at her party on Saturday! I must be honest with you~it is delightful and perfect in every way! It touches that sweet, child-like place in my heart. If it weren't for Emma, I am not sure that I could bring myself to give it away. I simply love it! And it will always remind me of you, sweet friend!!!

LOVE YOU, hope you had a fabulous holiday, and cant wait to see the pics of your new kitchen!!

P.S. I, for one, hope you never reach that point in your life where you have accomplished everything you want and need to accomplish. What a boring journey it would be from that point forward!

Mamma Look said...

Two of my children are bound and determined to be in the Olympics one day. My daughter says she will medal snowboarding cross, women's figure skateing and super G. Let's keep our fingers crossed their dreams come true, and that lottery thing as well.

Mamma Look said...

Isn't great what the Olympics inspire. My daughter is going to medal in snowboard cross, figure skating, and super g as well. Let's how their dreams come true, oh, and that lottery thing as well.