Monday, March 15, 2010

If you give a girl a bucket of paint...

... she'll probably want to paint that old mirror that's been hanging around the house for ages to give it a new life.

Once she's painted the mirror, she'll see how pretty it looks and will want to hang it up. She'll probably ask you for a step stool in order to hang it on the wall. Seeing the step stool will make her think that it too could benefit from a coat of paint so she'll probably paint that too.

Once she's hung the mirror on the wall and painted the step stool, she'll notice how hideous the chest of draws beneath the mirror is and she'll probably want to paint that too. So she'll dip her brush in the bucket of paint again and again and again and soon enough the chest of drawers will have a new coat of paint as well.

Seeing how gorgeous everything looks, she'll start to clean up and do her hair in the new mirror. Doing her hair in the new mirror will make her remember another mirror that's been hanging around the house and might look better with a fresh coat of paint.

She'll dig out that second mirror and will give it a coat of paint as well. Then she'll take a break and check out one of her favourite websites while she waits for the paint to dry. One of her favourite websites will feature a footstool on the front page. The foot stool on the front page will make her think of her own footstool in the sitting room that needs recovering, and why not a new coat of paint on the feet as well.

Thinking of the footstool's feet will make her think of the sofa's feet as well.

And now no piece of furniture in the house is safe from the girl and her bucket of paint!
(round mirror - found object; rectangular mirror - found object; chest of drawers - found object; step stool - ikea 9,99 euros; chair - yard sale find recovered 15 euros)


Karen Jinks said...

wow you have been busy, looks fab!

Giffysk8s said...

Wanna come over and help me do mine?

While you're here, we could read the entire Laura Numeroff collection. Seems that you like her books as much as I do! And you know that if you give two girlfriends a silly book to read, there's bound to be some cappuccino and canolis (from Mike's, of course!) to go with it!

Chichiboulie said...

oh that does sound like a plan! get the canoli ready!

littleblackduckblog said...

just opening a tin of paint....*waits for Chichi to arrive*

LeAnne said...

It all looks great, and I love your references to one of my favorite children's books.

cc said...

LOL, love if you give a girl a bucket of paint! I didn't know where the title was going, but soon recognized the inspiration and been guilty of doing the same thing!!! Once the paint is already open and the brush messy you might as well go for it! Looking forward to future reads.