Tuesday, April 6, 2010


....has finally sprung!

Or so it would seem. After a long, cold, wet winter, we seem to finally be having the first signs of spring. And what better way to take advantage than to spend cleaning and prepping the garden for the coming months.

The hollyhocks are popping (watching them for rust and prepping my polenta just in case).

The lavender is trimmed and ready for sun.

The clementis is climbing,

and the roses are looking rosie!

So after a day of clipping and raking, sweeping and scooping, everything seems ready. The pots too have been cleaned out and are ready for new herbs and flowers.

And what better way to celebrate such a busy day than with a good dinner by the fire.

1 comment:

Karen Jinks said...

isn't it wonderful to have a bit of sun at last!