Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chez Hamish

A wee update on our friendly hedgie...

We have been taking care of Hamish for just under 2 weeks now and he's doing rather well. So well in fact that it's time to let him take care of himself.

None of us is too pleased about this as it means hoping for the best for him. I think we've done well by him and he's gone from a mere 220g to over 700g in this time. He's been deflead, deticked and dewormed. Oh, and he has a lovely new house in the garden where he's been under house arrest for the past 2 days in order for him to have time to hopefully adopt it as his own.

Tonight, however, I think it's time to open the door and let him go with the hope of course, that he'll come back safe and sound and make our garden his home.

Our oldest was in tears about it as our second looked on quite forelorn. I had to fight back some tears as well, I'll admit. Even though I know he's better off "in the wild", I worry that something will happen to him or that we won't see him again. It's been such an experience taking care of a hedgehog. Knowing they are a protected species makes it even more special.

So here's to you, Hamish! Wishing you all the best!


Karen Jinks said...

well you can be proud knowing you've done a good job getting back on his feet! good luck Hamish x

Erika (for Arianna :) said...

Oh, I know the feeling. In the one hand, you know that is what you need to do, in the other, you want to keep him forever as part of your family. Such is life, why it has to be so hard :( sometimes, here is hoping he stays in your garden :)

Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

I love your story of the adopted and let go hedgehog! How very sweet!!

I love the little artwork of hedgehogs too.. do you have newer ones of THIS little guy?

Ahh thinking of my friends in other countries today.. :) Cheers!