Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We've Adopted!

Since we've returned from our holidays, we've noticed a bit of new wildlife has moved into our neighbourhood (garden to more precise and woodpile to be even more precise). Some of it is not really appreciated (like the rat the kids have been watching run back and forth outside and whose days are numbered) but some of it is much more fun, like the hedgehog!

Unfortunately something's up with little hedgie. We spotted him/her foraging around the garden around noontime today which isn't a good sign for a nocturnal animal. Well they're just so cute and I learned my lesson after watching mama duck loose all 8 of her ducklings a couple of years ago so I decided I couldn't just stand by and watch.

A couple of googles later and I was on the phone with a very nice woman from the Hedgehog Sanctuary who has since convinced me to bring hedgie inside. So he/she is now living in a box in my garage, well out of danger from our Scottie who would like nothing better than to taste fresh hedgehog meat. Our little hedgehog's box is complete with hot water bottle, old fleece sweatshirt, doggie nuggets, apple slice and water. We've been told to inspect him/her for any signs of injury or maggots (yes, maggots are a big danger to hedgehogs I've since learned), loose stools and/or coughing.

So the garage has been transformed into Hedgehog Hospice for the next couple of days until either there are no signs of any of the above or we bring him/her to the Sanctuary for better keeping. In the meantime, the kids are thoroughly enjoying their newly adopted pet. I just hope their father is as impressed!


Erika (for Arianna :) said...

How wonderful. It is so nice that you are doing this :)

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

How fun for your kiddos. :) Watch out for fleas too...
Well, at least, when we used to "see" hedgies in Africa, we had to watch for bugs like fleas...maybe France has fewer fleas. Do hedgies get rabies?
I hope he/she recovers. :)

gretchenmist said...

sweet! looks like a fun little creature to look after. good luck with the rat :)

Mary Jane said...

The hedgie is adorable. I hope it'll be okay. I love hedgehogs, but can't have them where we live.