Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day three and another piece of the mystery..., that is.

Ready for another hint: There it is in the photo. There are loads of these in the region of this town, so many in fact that they are part of the landscape actually. But some are real knockouts in the architectual beauty category. Like the one pictured here, in my opinion.

So not only does this charming little town have an outstanding cathedral, but it also has a beautiful belfry. AND.... both of these monuments are classified not only in their home country, but as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Does that help you out any bit?


Janet said...

Sheesh--this was hard. All the pages I searched. thanks google. Wikipedia rocks! I'm guessing Tournai. Beautiful place and beautiful sights!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this must be Tournai (Doornik).
Greetings, Anita