Saturday, October 16, 2010

Running out of time..., not you! For you all, there's still time to play and get your guesses in. It's me who's short of time at the moment, thus the lack of clues the past couple of days.

But I promise to make it up to you. So are you ready?

You already know that this town is in Wallonia and that it boasts not one, but two UNESCO World Heritage sites. If that's not enough for you to google, I'll give you a few more clues here:

- It is also home to the pictured bridge, known as Le Pont-des-Trous on the river Escaut
- It is the only Belgian city to ever have been ruled by England, from having been conquered by Henry VIII
- Under the Roman Empire, it was originally known as Tornacum

And lastly

- I chose this for my game on a whim last Sunday while we were enjoying ice cream and waffles on the Grand'Place

Have fun (and a great weekend... I'm off to cook!)

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