Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thank you...

... to all those who have featured my work lately in Etsy treasuries. I really should do this more often and have made a mental note to do so, because I really do appreciate your including me in your collections. It means so much!

Please click on each of the images to see these treasuries up close and help out the curators!

Though I never thought of Chichiboulie or bunting as scary, someone else did! By Fruits of the Bloom:

One from Arzu Musa:

One from Evihan:

Another from Felicity Crew:

And another by Itty Bitty Birdie:


Arzu Musa said...

It is pleasure... Your work is so beautiful... Have a great day. said...

Your work is beautiful and NOT scary! I put it in my "phobias" treasury because there is a phobia that calls for "fear of names." And there you have it...nothing scary at all about some very common phobias! Thank you kindly for your feature here on your blog and for supporting your EtsyKids Treasury Team as we feature you!