Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The weather is gorgeous, sunny and warm. What better time to get out the fabrics again and make something cute. Admittedly I was somewhat inspired while browsing through Duni's new shop, PeriDot by Duni, with such gorgeous and girly things. I've had similar fabrics tucked away for oh I don't know how long. I suspect I'm like a lot of fabric-o-holics. I love them so much, I have a difficult time actually cutting them up and using them. Somewhat contrary to logic, I admit.

But today I've taken a big leap and now several meters of fabric have been pre-washed and hung to dry in the beautiful sunshine so that they are ready and waiting for the next rainy day when they will be made into, to start, pajama bags for the girls. Why pajama bags? Mainly because like most mothers, I'm rather tired of seeing piles of pajamas lying around the bathroom every morning, piles that never seem to disappear despite my requests. I've let the girls choose their fabric combinations so now it's just cut and sew.

But first waiting for some clouds as I plan to thoroughly enjoy the weather we are having. It's not often that we get an extended spell of warm sunny weather around these parts, no matter the season. So tomorrow, instead of sitting in front of my sewing machine with the many projects I have planned, I have decided to take myself on a trip. And here is a small snapshot of where I plan to go....

Isn't it lovely?

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Duni said...

I LOVE your fabrics :)
We've had a whole week of sunshine! Incredible! I'm soaking it up on our terrace.
Enjoy your trip and many thanks for the link love ♥