Thursday, March 24, 2011

Worth the Detour....

A few photos from my excursion today to Damme, Belgium.

Damme is a small village just outside of Bruges and one, from my knowledge and conversations, very few people get to visit (though I highly recommend the detour). Today I went alone, but my next project is to recruit at least one friend so we can rent a tandem bike in Bruges and cycle to Damme for lunch in one of its many restaurants then continue the stroll along the canal a ways.

I first visited this area of Belgium about 4 years ago in fell quickly in love. The Flemish architecture is among my favourit
es with the stepped roofs and large windows. The polders, to me, are gorgeous in their windswept and rugged beauty as well as the canals that lead on to places unknown. It's all so unassuming and tranquil. I remember loving Richard Scarry's book What People Do All Day when I was wee little, and even then my favourite pages were those that took place in Amsterdam - all those canals and boats and stepped roofs. I guess there's something to be said for trusting your instinct!

I hope you'll enjoy a few of these images. Those who know me personally will understand the last photo. I just can't help myself!

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