Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keukenhof - for Spring

Hailed as the prettiest spring gardens in the world, we decided it was time to have a look at Keukenhof ourselves this past weekend. The weather was sunny and clear, though perhaps not as warm as we would have liked (though 14°C isn't all that bad for the Netherlands in April to be honest), but all in all, a perfect day to spend outdoors.

I'm tempted to return because I think we were slightly early. The flower fields surrounding the gardens weren't quite in bloom, and cycling through them is a lovely ride. But despite our potentially early arrival in the season, the gardens are most decidedly not to be missed!

I could go on and on about it, I think the photos speak for themselves.


Karen Jinks said...

tulips are my favourite flowers, lucky you - looks like a beautiful place to visit!

LeAnne said...

So beautiful, great pictures. Happy Spring, I hop it is treating you well.

Duni said...

The splendour of the tulips is amazing! I've been meaning to visit, especially since it's not that far away. Looks like you had a fabulous time and lovely weather too!

Oma said...

I wish I could get into my car and drive over there but that would be kinda hard to do as I live in Canada. I was there in 1986 and visited Keukenhof in early May. The flowers were gorgeous! I love tulips! Thanks for sharing the pictures!