Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In a fog...

... literally.  Since Friday. We've been in some sort of fog or another around here.  From light to pea-soup, you name it, we've had it.

And unfortunately we had it for our weekend in Burgundy as well.  It put a slight spanner in the works for any sightseeing we had planned as for the most part we were only about to see within a quite short radius around us.

That said, we were still able to take in all the beautiful sights that were closer to us.  And more importantly, fog or no fog, we were able to enjoy the gastronomic as well as oenological delights of the region.  This week is cabbage soup for detox!

Here are a few of the 'up-close' sights we were able to enjoy, among which Les Hospices de Beaune (look at that gorgeous tiled roof!).

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