Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been meaning to share this for quite some time now, but life, as usual, keeps getting in the way.

Today I find myself with a little bit of downtime so also finally with a bit of time to share this with all of you.  For the past... well maybe 4 if not 5 years, I've been asked every year to do an illustration for Cortney's daughter, then son, for their birthday invites.  At first I did the entire invite but then slowly Cortney decided she wanted to express her own creativity and add her own touch.  And with good reason! As you'll see, she's very creative.

As I've gotten to know Cortney through this venture, I look forward to hearing what ideas she has in mind each year.  I know something special awaits!

This past summer, she wanted to do a pink lemonade theme.  We discussed it and came up with some sketches which then evolved into illustrations which Cortney then used to create the finished invite. Here is a sample of what she put together.

How adorable is that!  Teamwork indeed!

If you are interested in your own personalised party invites, I'd love to work with you!

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henzy said...

That is adorable..